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Category Review

UK Retailers are world leaders in developing food and non-food categories, cultivating aisles with the aim of increasing the number of items in a shoppers basket; this has driven growth and enabled the likes of Tesco to become a powerhouse in the world retail environment. In developing these categories, commercial buying managers will expect input into the category review process, on an on-going basis, as a standard term of trading.

Our comprehensive Category Review process will provide you with an absolute understanding of your product sector together with its relevant sub-categories within the retail environment allowing you to take full advantage of this trading requirement.

Our Category Review process includes some or all of the following*:

  • A key metric performance review of the category; allowing you to understand opportunities for growth based around your commercial objectives.

  • Your product reviewed from a category perspective presenting you with strategic direction to plan your improved performance also based on your commercial objectives.

  • Gap Analysis; we will assess product gaps based on retail pier group and category structure identifying the potential RSV value and volume opportunities to improve your overall commercial performance and the commercial performance of the category.

  • Tiers & Subsector Review, how is the category laid out ? How does the shopper see your category and does your product / range take advantage of this ? How can we identify prospects to trade the shopper up or add an additional item into the basket.

  • Layout Planning, maximising your product’s position from the eyes of the shopper; how can we evolve the current shelf merchandising ? How can we increase shopper interrupt ?

  • Pricing Review – we will review the category pricing structure, highlighting tiers and segments; is your product correctly positioned or are their further opportunities for increasing margin ?

  • Promotional review – allowing you to understand how and what is effective, what is the norm and what are our recommendations, based on the competitive environment.

  • Strategy – we will provide you with a strategy document allowing you to take advantage of the identified opportunities within your category helping you to maximise your profit and achieve your company’s commercial objectives.

Category Review

Source - IGD

Category Review

Source - Nielsen

Working with a leading discounter on the above process, we were able to focus on range, value for money, tiering and layout, which the results of the process led to market leading growth in a key dairy category of c.40%.

*N.B Some of these services will be dependent on using your data / the data available to your organisation.