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Category Strategy / Planning

Category Wins can help you develop strategic plans which can sit along side your commercial and retailer specific business plans (internal or joint with the retailer). This plan can involve different stakeholders and can be total category or individual sub-category; it can be designed to target a number of different areas as agreed with yourself possibly including:

  • Standard Key Metrics such as Volume, Value and Distribution.

  • Category Key Metrics such as Penetration, Average Weight of Purchase, Frequency of Purchase.

  • Customer Key Metrics such as customer numbers.

  • New customer groups and segments / lapsed shoppers.

  • NPD and Innovation.

  • Company Commercial Objectives.

  • Internal data and data resource development.

  • Strategy – we will provide you with a strategy document allowing you to take advantage of the identified opportunities within your category helping you to maximise your profit and achieve your company’s commercial objectives.

We will aim to deliver a 1 page category plan / summary which should be a snapshot of where your product and business will be heading from a strategic perspective over a designated period based on your objectives. This will this will be combined with the background and a full deck to support our recommendations.

As you will be consulted on a continuous basis and will be providing leadership and guidance from the start, we will understand what makes your business successful and the journey you have followed to this point – the final plan will mirror your thinking, providing you with the clear data backed evidence to support your objectives..

Finally if desired we can help you monitor, assess and develop your plan on an on-going basis.

*Elements of the process will depend on the data resources your company has.

Category Strategy Planning