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Consumer Insight

A successful food manufacturer understands who the shopper is and how they interact with their product in the retail environment. This sort of knowledge is becoming increasingly important to buyers, and will generally increase your air-time with key decision makers.

So what is the DNA of your shopper from the perspective of your product ? Who are they ? Why are they buying your product ? When are they buying your product ? Where are they buying your product from ? What purchase decision do they go through ? How often do they purchase your product ?

Our consumer insight service can provide you with insider knowledge into your consumer looking at factors such as age, demographics, life-stage, habits, trends, emotions and others. We can look at basket analysis and what else they are purchasing. Therefore Improving your overall insight..

Other key questions which can be answered include: What is the consumer perspective on price and value for money ? What is the investment whether emotional or financial as part of the overall grocery shop they are making when purchasing your product or range ? What are shoppers looking for in their purchase – does this highlight any opportunities for NPD or innovation and have you fulfilled their needs.

Another area where consumer insight can prove useful, is as part of the category review process, specifically how do the shoppers view the retail shelf and product merchandising – does it excite them / are their improvements that can be implemented to help drive sales ? Is product location correct? Etc.

Is the consumer concerned with provenance – which is being driven more and more by the different forms of media that impact us everywhere. How can you use this to your advantage.

Whatever level of knowledge you have about the shopper, we can help you take this to the next level helping you generate success.

*Elements of the process will depend on the data resources your company has.

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