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FMCG Data Recommendations, Systems Set-up (Integration) and Training

Market, Product and Consumer Insight Information is key to being successful in the Retail Industry and is essential for developing successful strategies to achieve your commercial objectives. There are many system options for investment of capital from many companies including Kantar, Nielsen, IRI, Aimia and Dunnhumby to name a few.

We have negotiated with and worked with FMCG data systems companies over many years and on many contracts. Also we are proficient in using many systems, generating the best strategic output; therefore we understand how to choose and integrate the best solutions for your business.

Whilst each system has its own merits, you should be aware that these systems can be complicated with quirks, pit-falls, nuances and rules that need following. This may impact what questions you are trying to answer and how you use the information; even interpretations with a slight difference can have a major impact.

We can then help you to achieve maximum return on investment, advising on how you can best integrate them into your day to day business.

By the end of the process, you will be able to use these systems to generate insight and answers to business questions with the ultimate goal of helping you to sell more products, develop your category and improve your relationship with the buyer and the retailer.

We can also train key members of your team on using the insight generated from these systems. This will be done in an unbiased way (enhancing category credibility), developing your team and your reputation as an organisation with true category understanding.

FMCG Data systems

FMCG Data Recommendations