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Supermarket & Buyer Liaison

Okay, so you may have the right presentation, data mechanics, the right tactics and tools to achieve your objective but do you have the right resource ? Successful large food suppliers generally man-mark important retail contacts such as retailer category planners rather than just dealing with the buyer, developing a fully integrated chain; the best buyers will expect this as a standard term of trading, and will engage more favourably with organisations which achieve this.

So ask yourself the following questions: Do you need additional category support in crucial meetings with retail buying and other teams ? Is your commercial team under time and resource pressure to achieve key listings ? Do you need professional category representation to improve your credentials and present at an important meeting ? We can help………

Joint Business Planning:

  • Annual Negotiations
  • Sharing Objectives
  • Jointly Aligned Shopper Based Plan
  • Activity Plan
  • Negotiate The Gaps
  • JBP
  • Trade Terms

Category Wins can be your professional face and help you man-mark key contacts in a professional retail environment; we can represent you in one or all of the following events: Commercial Meetings, Category Analysis, Market Reviews, Listings Presentations, Merchandising & Layout Workshops, Cross Supplier Sessions, NPD & Innovation workshops, Retailer Strategy Summits, internal meetings etc.

You can be assured, if you choose Category Wins to support you in this way, you will have an experienced category professional standing at your shoulder, to represent you in the best possible way, helping you to deliver your commercial objectives and develop key relationships.

Consumer Tactics

Supermarket and Buyer Liaison

Consumer attitudes to Own Label

Supermarket and Buyer Liaison Chart

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